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Aakhri Muqabala
Movie: Aakhri Muqabala(1977)[300639] During the mid-to-late 1970s, it seemed like the entire world had caught kung fu fever in the wake of Bruce Lee’s tragic death. Film industries from around the globe tried to cash in on the kung fu craze, cranking out untold numbers of martial arts pictures. The Pakistani film industry — commonly known as Lollywood — was not immune from this trend. In 1977, Lollywood director Khalifa Saeed, along with his cast of sweaty dudes with bushy moustaches, made their contribution to cinema history in the form of a kung fu epic entitled Aakhri Muqabala. Far more than just a novelty item, Aakhri Muqabala is simultaneously a brutal martial arts epic and a disorienting, psychedelic freak-out. This film gets my highest recommendation for kung fu fans, exploitation buffs, and jaded cult movie fans who (wrongly) think they’ve seen it all. (from:
Title Aakhri Muqabala
Release Date November 4, 1977
Genre Adventure, Action
Sultan Rahi
Sultan Rahi...
Khalid Salim Mota
Khalid Salim Mota...


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